Become a Patron of Sound Heights Records, you will get some (or all) of the following: access to pre-release tracks and videos; selections from my archive of unreleased and demo songs, sessions, lyrics and other curiosities; the opportunity to submit your own original tracks to be considered for play on the Podcast and more! 

You choose your reward tier and pledge amount (you can always give more if you like within a tier), and (important!) set the maximum amount you are willing to give each month.  You will then be billed per "paid for by patrons" creation, up to your limit.  At this point, I hope to release around 2-4 paid for creations per month; whether videos, songs, or podcasts.  There will also be many patrons-only posts along the way that you will not be billed for!

Ultimately, we aim to help more people make more music from the heart that enters the heart, ushering in an Era of Song in gratitude for the miracles in our lives and for the unfolding miracle of Global Redemption and Harmony!