Sound Heights Records is a Music Production Studio that aims to bring more great music into the world by helping those passionate about music find their unique voice and share it boldly.  

SHR is the home of the Brooklyn Jazz Warriors, music created by Yisroel Arye & a collective of New York City and New Orleans musicians.  

We also love talking about music, learning from other musicians; delving into the motivations, techniques, life skills and mystical dimensions of the musical experience…
…hence the Sound Heights Records Podcast: conversations with world class musicians, insights into the creative process in harmony with life’s challenges and responsibilities, and discussions about anything and everything relating to our chosen art form.

Ultimately, we aim to help more people make more music from the heart that enters the heart, ushering in an Era of Song in gratitude for the miracles in our lives and for the unfolding miracle of Global Redemption and Harmony!

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