Session 03 - Kosha Dillz & Meir Kay - Hustle Beach

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Kosha Dillz & Meir Kay drop by the Sound Heights Records Studio to record, the sit down to schmooze a bit about how to achieve success with a career in creativity. The secret: hard work and consistently (aka Hustle Beach).
Kosha Dillz is a man who knows no boundaries. Born Rami Matan Even-Esh to Israeli Parents, he led a life of crime and addiction after a life of sports and competition, only to return to his craft of hip hop as an artist who was proud to represent who he truly is. Best described as a mix of influences from the Beastie Boys to Matisyahu and Wu Tang Clan, he can be compared to acts like Macklemore, Lil Dicky and Mac Miller with a hint of more culture and realism. His ability to intertwine with reggae and rock acts to hard core rap acts has earned him spots on the legendary Vans Warped Tour as well as his own solo headlining tours across America. He is best known for his uncanny free styling ability and ability to rap in Spanish hebrew English and even Yiddish.
His most recent album What I do all Day and Pickle charted on 6 different Billboard charts in August of 2016. He has toured the world with Matisyahu and performed with the most current acts from Wiz Khalifa , Travis Scott, Lil Dicky, Anderson Paak and more.

Meir Kay was born in Brooklyn, NY raised in New Haven, CT. He is a 27 year old director, producer, and motivational speaker. He uses the medium of video to create messages of positivity and happiness to share with with world.

When he's not producing and starring in videos, he spends time running (half) marathons, volunteering, backpacking, and giving motivational speeches on how to achieve happiness every day, spread kindness, and live a positive life.

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